Information for exhibitors

Information for exhibitors

Here is all the technical and useful information for participating in ArteCasa

If your company is based in an EC/ESLA state and you wish to post employees who provide cross-border services during the exhibition, or if you are an independent service provider, you must make an online notification at least 8 days before the start of the activity.

This also applies to assembly and dismantling work, which must be notified by the company carrying out the work, be it the exhibitors themselves or a company commissioned by them (in this case, the company in question will be responsible for completing the notification).  Notification procedure for short-term gainful employment

The notification procedure can be found on the federal authority website:

ArteCasa Management cannot be responsible for making such notifications on behalf of the foreign employer or self-employed person present at the Exhibition and declares itself in no way liable for information entered by the exhibitor.

The opening hours of the customs offices must be observed for the taxation of tradable goods. Customs declarations can be made from Monday to Friday during tax hours. Some customs offices are also open on Saturday mornings.

Border crossings and customs offices, opening hours:
Cross-border trade in tradable goods includes the import, export and transit of all goods for use in companies, including their own businesses or restaurants. Tradeable goods traffic also includes the transport of goods across the customs border on behalf of a private individual or business. The same shall apply to all services regarded as supplies under a contract.

All marketable goods must be presented at the nearest Swiss customs office and declared electronically using the DDAT form or ATA booklet:

The WiFi service is available throughout the entire perimeter of the Exhibition Centre. The WiFi service is provided by the city of Lugano and not by Fiera Artecasa.