Swiss Prize “Sustainable Architecture”

Swiss Prize for Sustainable Architecture


Today environmental sustainability
is an essential concept for the future of architecture. To encourage and support positive relationships between architecture, the environment and societyartecasalugano in collaboration with Raiffeisen has created the Swiss Sustainable Architecture Award.

Aimed at Swiss architects and design firms,
the competition will highlight the most advanced development projects, evaluating the reduction in the amount of resources used,
the energy saving criteria,
the use of materials with low environmental impact and the protection of biodiversity.

The selected projects will be exhibited from 11 to 20 October in Lugano on the occasion of the 57th toedition  ofartecasalugano.

The winner will be awarded CHF 2500 in cash offered by Raiffeisen.

There will be a special mention for foreign architects and design studios, with a two pages article on TiLife, the official catalogue of artecasalugano and the lifestyle magazine of Ticino.


President of the jury:
Renato Stauffacher, Architect


Riccardo Blumer, Designer
Alfredo Häberli, Industrial Designer
Marco Romanelli, Architect
Francesco Faccin, Designer
Bruno Huber, Architect
Andrea Nava, Architect and Designer
Antonio Latella, Designer
Guido De Sigis, Architect

Material Shipping:

The material of the candidate projects must be sent as PDF format not later than September the 30th to the following email address,
The attachments must include two A3 formats containing the following information:

  • Description of the project running for the award
  • Volumetric technical drawing, rendering, pictures and/or formal sketches
  • technical characteristics as dimensions, technologies and materials

Later, each candidates must autonomously organize the delivery of its own boards and/or 3d models at Lugano, Centro Esposizioni only on October 9th. The same will happen with the collection of the material only on the 22nd of October. The delivery and collection costs are at the expense of the participant.

Attachment Forms

1. Application FormDOWNLOAD